DeDe Lind died

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DeDe Lind died


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(Feburary 04, 2020)

DeDe Lind (born Diane Lind is an American glamour model famous for her appearance in Playboy magazine as the Playmate of the Month for August 1967.

Terribly sad announcement from DeDe Lind's Facebook account this afternoon:

De De has gone to heaven today. Please pray for her beautiful soul and precious heart. She was grateful for all her fans and friends and her life, even though it was far from easy at times. I could not of had a nicer girlfriend these last 30 yrs. and everyone that knows her will attest to her divine innocence and gentle manner.

The world lost one of her living angels and as she got more fan mail than any other playmate in history it was easy to see her lovely little personage was special and unique. One soldier in Viet Nam carried her picture posted on his backpack into battle and told her about it at the Glamourcon shows she loved going to,
mainly to see her friends. She was much smarter than most people knew. Playboy flew her out for insight on a web sight as hers was up first and doing well. She loved animals especially her dogs all named Tasha or Natasha. We thought we got Tasha back for the 3rd time 21/2 yrs ago so it is very hard to lose her now.

She is with the angels, so we must trust
God's will and be happy she is out of any pain and misery. She truly will have eternal life as she had a strong faith in Christ, showing no fear. Her ashes will be scattered at her favorite place Key West. This is Bill and I will always be grateful for her and have love for her.
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Re: DeDe Lind died


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Wow man, I just noticed this. It's always a little extra bit of heartbreak when a Playmate dies.
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