Mystique Magazine's Latest Offer

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Mystique Magazine's Latest Offer


Post by 5829 »

MM has made lots of offers of the stuff in bulk, but I don't think that they have ever made an offer of what looks like their entire web site on a hard drive.

The reason that I am posting this is because I don't think that I have ever seen anybody offer stuff on a hard drive, never mind what looks like their entire site. Has anyone ever heard of a place offering stuff on a hard drive?

For a limited time, you can have the entire Mystique library at your
fingertips! We have never before offered fans such a complete collection.

No more waiting for long downloads. No need to visit the web. No having to
insert multiple DVDs or CDs to find what you want. No taking up space on
your computer. Everything neatly organized and labeled for quick access.

Everything is included on a portable 320GB USB hard drive (a $129 value
alone). It's like a little bar of Mystique Gold.

Included on your Mystique Platinum 320GB USB Hard Drive:

1 => Every DVD (119 full length DVDs, including 1 exclusive show that will
never be on DVD)

2 => Every Photo (35,000+ hi resolution photos in large 3,000 pixel size)

3 => Every Video Clip (750+ short clips from the website, including behind
the scenes)

4 => BONUS: Mark Daughn Glamour Workshop DVD Lighting 201

You can get the Platinum Edition which includes everything above for a mere
$299, or if you only want item #1 (The DVDs), you can get it for just $199.
When you consider the value of the portable 2.5" hard drive, this is an
absolutely amazing deal!

Plus, if you are one of the first 50 to order either version, you will
receive free shipping anywhere in the world.
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Re: Mystique Magazine's Latest Offer


Post by Fanatic »

Unique approach. I really don't see it getting much traction though. Folks are too tight imo.

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Re: Mystique Magazine's Latest Offer


Post by darklighter1 »

NOt to mention have they had anything new in the last 6 years? I believe everything they've done has been posted on here by PB and AL and others anyway.

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Re: Mystique Magazine's Latest Offer


Post by jdog »

I'm not paying that much for porn.
If any links are down, please send me a PM!

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Mystique Magazines Latest Offer


Post by Charlesevige »

Thats pretty cool that it is offered on Canadas site. Not even an option yet on the US site. I wonder if you will be able to order a Vibe with just on of the parts or if you have to get the whole thing?

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