My 2016 Dodge Charger Scat Pack

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My 2016 Dodge Charger Scat Pack


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At age 39, on January 8th 2016, I bought my first car.


Although I've been driving since I was 11 or 12 (that's Mississippi for you) I've never actually purchased a vehicle. I've always driven cars my Mom gave me or whatever the case. And as an adult, I've never wanted to go out and spend money on something that wasn't exactly what I wanted. Plus, here in the city it's almost counter productive to have a car.

Anyway, through what I call cosmic intervention, I built and configured a SP that just happened to be the only one I could find anywhere in the country. It also happened to be right here in the DMV. Without first going to see it, without test driving it, without looking any further, Wifey and I drove to the lot at 8 p.m. and bought her home. Right off the cuff, 1337 (the nerd in me still lives) was her name.

After being told I could have driven anything I wanted off the lot, I chose the Scat Pack over the SRT and the Hellcat for reasons I can only describe as nostalgic. You see, I grew up like most guys my age idolizing this:


I decided a long time ago that a Charger would be my first car. I was excited to see them bring the Charger back, but I admittedly just wasn't a huge fan. I test drove a few. Never fell in love enough to get one. And until I get one or both of these babies out of the shed and up and running:

Image Image Image
My 1969 SE R/T and Super Bee

I was stuck. Until I saw the 2016 Scat Pack. I know that the good folk at Dodge built that car for everyone, but specifically for guys like me. Guys who, if they were alive in '69-'70 would have absolutely opted for the "Elephant" option. Guys with that Ricky Bobby gene that now have families.

The rims that I have on my Scat Pack are unique to the Scat Pack. I can't prove it, but I'm sure that the person who designed them did so modeling them after the rims you see behind Daisy up a couple paragraphs ago. That's huge! It's a huge upgrade to the Super Bee of a few years ago. They've added several creature comforts, made the motor EVEN BIGGER, MORE POWERFUL and then brought back the Scat Pack badge from yesteryear. For me, it was the be-all end-all. A modern day SE R/T Super Bee representing the original Scat Pack? Are you kidding me? Please. This was the cosmic sign I had been waiting for. It was like God himself opened up the clouds and acknowledged that I finally deserved to get what I wanted. Loaded with all the options and perks I wanted. Improbably right down the street. Wow. I can honestly say that I could have had a million dollars to spend and still brought home this exact car.

I may eventually upgrade to an SRT. I don't anticipate that I will want to ever have a Hellcat. Not as long as I have small kids. I wish I could upload the video of my 1 year old daughter reacting to me doing hard pulls at 40 MPH. It's epic. I grew up riding in cars that you had to enter from the passenger side, or roll the window down to open the driver's side door to open it from the inside. One my cars was a manual that occasionally had to have a rolling start.

All my baby girl knows is Scat Pack. How cool is that. You can even hear her laughing when I cold start in that vid. God is good. Long live Dodge.

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