Stacy Sanches (PM 03/95 and PMOY 96) needs your help

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Stacy Sanches (PM 03/95 and PMOY 96) needs your help


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Should have posted this earlier, but I do not get to Facebook very often.

For anybody who would like to help this holiday season Stacy Sanches certainly could use it.
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Hi, I have an emergency and is the only reason I am doing this. I have to move by the beginning of the month. I literally found out a few days ago and on top of that I have a tooth that is causing me extreme pain. All I hope for is to make sure we are all safe and content. I am not blessed with making tons of money and have lived paycheck to paycheck. Gets harder as you get older. The situation is uncomfortable and toxic its literally making us physically sick. I am pleading for help. All this will go to rent and fixing my tooth. I would need to put up a big amount to move in. I don't have good credit. Please do not send hate. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. You dont know how someone truly feels unless you have lived a day in their life. You can also email me if you would be interested in buying a photograph etc
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