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Topics and discussion geared towards lifestyle, personal finance/economics, and consumer affairs.
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Welcome to The Mean!


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If you have a question or discussion topic geared towards lifestyle and the pursuit of please post here..!

Some examples of things you can post/talk about that suit this forum well:

1. Product Reviews

Maybe you want to share with everyone the kind of shampoo you use, or inquire about a new brand...Or, you notice that your favorite department store has a winter sale, and want to post a few items concerning that...Maybe you tasted test the latest alcoholic beverage and want to recommend something...

2. Personal Economics

Have a question about finances, investments, credit, etc..? Wanna discuss the terms of your latest refinance..? Great place to start a topic...

3. Lifestyle - Cool furniture, clothes, appliances, architecture, you name it..! Good eating habits, diets, exercise regimes, etc...Maybe you want to post pictures of vacation spots, or talk about possible vacation spots...


Of course, with any forum, there is grey area...And something you may want to post could possibly be posted in another forum...If this is the case, post your topic where you feel its best suited and one of the Mods will rip you a new one and then move it...

Just kidding... :biggrin:

Have fun, enjoy the new section..! Post here if you have any questions or suggestions, our forum is your forum...Make a difference..!

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