[Game] World of Airports

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[Game] World of Airports


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Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Platform: iOS/Android

I started playing this about a month ago. I'm a big fan of sim games, especially those like this one that don't require you to play nonstop and can run like an interactive fish tank while I'm doing other things. The strategy is simple, work up your logistics brain and make a profitable airport. The AYHJA way says that we have to do this without spending money in game. The game is fairly easy to pickup, but the level out grind is real. Here are a few tips that I learned the hardway so that you don't have to.

1. Learn the cadence of the game. Most users will start out with the small airport, Innsbruck. Each airport has a runway time. So, from the time you click to land a plane to the time you assign crew will take a certain amount of time. You use this to decide how and when to land planes so that you're not constantly running out of crew.

2. Spend wisely. The bigger the plane, the bigger the profit. In the beginning, you will have a ton of small, low-level contracts. It may be worth it to keep a note of the ranges so that you can kill smaller contracts to take on the bigger ones. The bigger planes grant more of everything.

3. The in-game currency are gold planes, silver planes, and Woabucks. Woabucks are what you use to buy more planes, spaces, and crew. Each landing pad you buy grants you a crew. You can watch ads and get more silver planes and crew that help out big time in early game. The key grind for free to play players will be silver planes. You can exchange them for golden planes, which you can exchange for Woabucks, etc.

This is where a community comes in. You get the most silver planes from connecting to players at existing airports. When you get your own planes through the grind, you pick one of the player controlled airports (they have a blue pip) and assign a contract. If you have a player you know, you can put their name in the space. When they accept, they will service your contract and you'll get 10x the silver planes than standard contracts. As you grow and expand your fleet (we can get into plane types and contracts a little later) you'll grow fast af without spending. Once you get international level and unlock BRI, you should have enough experience to pick one of the larger airports from which to invest.

I currently play 4 airports. (Send contracts to AYHJA)
IAD - My main airport
INN - Starter airport
BRI - 2nd starter airport
LEG - My main Euro airport

DO: Find a player to take your contracts for the planes you get from grinding levels. You'll grow much faster
DONT: Spend Woabucks to buy planes at your starter airport. Assets don't travel with you from airport to airport, just your silver and gold planes. New airports are fresh starts.

DO: Manage your landings and contracts. You can clear your departure cue by clicking the changing airport button and going back in, but you have to land each plane manually. Do all your pushbacks at once, especially on airports that only have 1 runway, and then do your landings in order the same way. You will find that it's easier to take advantage of higher paying contracts when you're actively playing. Otherwise, you'll have birds in the air all the time, and by the time you get them out, they will come back again. Flight times are worth noting.
DONT: Overspend on, spaces, crew and equipment. Woabucks hard to come by early game. Just grind for the rewards and when you get your first plane, send it to a player and get your team up.

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