Life Hacks (Rough Draft)

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Life Hacks (Rough Draft)


Post by AYHJA »

This has been on my mind lately...

If you have any "life hacks" what are they? Little things that you do to make life easier for you, things you learned to do when there were lean times and just kept doing...Stuff your parents and grandparents taught that you practice regularly...Life changed, and you don't have time to spend on your website any more. :(

I want to organize them here, and eventually pin this topic. Maybe we can eventually have several things listed here so that I can post them on Facebook. Try to get some hits coming back into the site again.

Home, Finances, Auto, Personal, Spiritual, etc...

Thanks for your contributions, anything can help!

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Re: Life Hacks (Rough Draft)


Post by shin_dr »

I've been thinking and here's a couple that have come up the past couple months:

Always have water. If you can reserve the best for the kitchen and the rest can go in/near the bathroom.

Roughly paraphrasing from a book I should probably look for again:
"A lot of people will say things like Oh I would never treat my friends that way. Problem is they'll stop being your friend just in time to do it to you."

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